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Educational cooking with Mighty Chefs!

A recipe for success in the classroom

At Mighty Chefs, we believe that the best way to teach children about food education should be in a fun and interactive way. Our mission is to enable children to start cooking from an early age and through the introduction and development of this key life skill, bring nutrition and healthy choices to life.

A fantastic way to get children interested and excited about healthy foods!

Nutrition needn’t be dull!

We want to inspire the next generation to make positive food choices. Government health messages only begin to encourage change if children can directly relate to them. Our practical sessions provide the tools children need to connect health messages to food knowledge and develop essential cooking skills.

How does it work?

Knife skills with Mighty ChefsDuring our classes we focus on where our food comes from and how it enables our bodies to grow and stay healthy. Children are introduced to different ingredients, through touching, smelling and tasting, learning how to put these ingredients together to prepare simple recipes from scratch. They not only begin to appreciate how accessible tasty nutritious food can be, but develop skills that can be applied across the broader curriculum and beyond including:

  • The development of reading skills whilst following a recipe
  • Mathematics for weights and measures
  • Team work and leadership skills
  • Health and safety
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills

Cooking up an educational feastOur cookery programmes can be tailored to the age and abilities of all pupils. We have a range of lesson plans which allow us to work with small groups up to an entire class. All offer a hands on and practical style of learning and provide teachers with an opportunity to extend learning to lessons within the classroom.

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